Upload PDF to this free service will get you tons of readers

Upload PDF to this free service will get you tons of readers

I’ve been using YUMPU Publishing for a while now for all of my business projects and I have to admit that I don’t know how I ever made it without them. YUMPU is a fantastic online site that enables you to simply upload PDF files so that you can create brochures, magazines, catalogs, and other things that you need for your business. It is one of the easiest and quickest things I’ve ever used for my personal online shop.  I recently opened an online shop a few years ago and have been trying to get more visitors to make use of my products. It’s expensive and sometimes difficult to actually advertise your website, causing you to spend a lot of money that you already do not have. As a relatively new business owner, I was very happy to use YUMPU Publishing which allowed me to upload PDF files to their site at no cost. The files were supported in the cloud and could be viewed beautifully by millions of people all over the world. This is a great way to market a brand new company and really get a brand name out there for other people to see and make use of themselves.

Upload your PDF files with this easy tool

YUMPU is one of the easiest online tools to publish your magazine online. I’ve ever used. I literally just had to upload PDF files of my catalog, customize it on my own and I was able to publish my catalog and shop brochure for others to see. When taken into consideration that a lot of other sites charge for similar services, it is good to know that YUMPU was completely free and that it was simple to use. Their online video lets you know how to use their site and the process of uploading files for others to view.

When I first used YUMPU, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if my finished project was going to turn out looking professional because it was free of charge. All I did was upload PDF files to their site and it was published online. It basically took me a few minutes and was one of the quickest processes I’ve ever done on the Internet. It is so nice to know that their site was available to me and my new business when I needed to make up a catalog and brochure for my customers to make use of. This also helped to increase my revenue over time, allowing me to stay in business even up to this day.

Reach millions of new readers

Let’s face it, owning an online shop is very difficult and there’s a lot of competition out there for you. This is why it’s nice to have a site like YUMPU Publishing which enables you to upload PDF files and allows people all over the world to view your brochures, catalogs, and even magazines. The software that they have available is easy to use and isn’t going to cost you a penny once you begin to figure out how to upload PDF files to their site.

Yet another thing that makes YUMPU stand out from the rest is that they have fantastic customer support. While their site is really easy to use, their professionals are standing by to help you out if you should need it. Considering you’re getting great customer support on their site, it is amazing that they are able to offer all of these services to the public for free. It is definitely a fantastic site and is going to be something that I use for my business for many more years to come.

My conclusion

I was sick and tired of spending a ton of money on marketing, printing, and advertising when it came to my online business. Being able to just upload PDF files on the Internet and create beautifully printed items myself was a huge saving and allowed me to still complete these projects for my customers. I’ve never looked back since using YUMPU Publishing because I’ve never found another site quite like it. From creating brochures to magazines, they have free software available for just about anyone who has an online shop or business. Just make sure to take a look around their site to see what they have available for your very own next project. Publish your magazine online now!



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