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PDF Redirect – I turned it into a Publication Read By Millions!

PDF Redirect – I turned it into a Publication Read By Millions!

I have a hobby. It is my passion and I love to spread the word about it. I put a lot of time and energy into making a magazine about it in PDF format. I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I use freeware whenever I can. PDF Redirect was to expensive for me. But I am also proud of my work. I wanted to turn my document into an online magazine that everyone can see. I wanted to put it on my website. The free solution – YUMPU Publishing.

I wanted to turn my PDFs into a publication that I could add to my website without buying PDF Redirect. I went online. I did some research. I found YUMPU Publishing. It is the perfect way to turn my pdf document into a sharp-looking online magazine. I was able to create an account on this software and load my pdf document right into their website and embed it into my blog. Seconds later, I had an online magazine. It couldn’t have been easier. And the best thing – it was free and I had not to buy PDF redirect.

If you are computer savvy, the software will present you with no challenges. If you aren’t a whiz with computers, uploading a pdf redirect file onto YUMPU Publishing will be no problem at all. They have a YouTube video about it that walks you right through the process.

Go check out the video here:

Video of step-by-step process in YUMPU Publishing

But really, the process is as simple as going to the YUMPU Publishing website, putting your pdf redirect file name into the box, and pressing upload. You create a login, confirm your email and drag your uploaded file to the box and in a few seconds, you have a magazine to look at.

PDF Redirect – I did not buy it, because of this free service

What is YUMPU Publishing? It is a website that acts as a digital newsstand that contains over 20 million magazines. You can create your digital magazine there for free! It doesn’t have to cost you one cent! If you have a brochure, an article, a flyer, even a whole magazine that you want to put online, then the software will work for you. If you are looking for a way for someone to read your publication online as if it were a printed copy, YUMPU Publishing will give them a virtual digital magazine or flyer or brochure that reads like a hard copy. If you want your publication to be on your website, your online storefront, or even a Facebook page, YUMPU Publishing can put it there. And do it for free.

It doesn’t matter how you created your document. I used pdf redirect before, but YUMPU will work with any pdf document. It doesn’t matter how large or small your document is either. It could be a one-page flyer, a few notes, a full-color four-page brochure, right on up to a full-sized magazine or catalog! YUMPU will work for you and give you an attractive, professional-looking digital document that you can place on your website.

My Summary

The platform is simple and so easy to use. But don’t let that simplicity fool you. YUMPU Publishing has a wide range of features that make it the best platform for making your digital document available online. The software supports not just regular web browsers, but also the increasingly popular mobile platforms. You can reach the smartphone market with your document!

And, since YUMPU Publishing is search engine optimized, your potential readers will be able to find your information. You can also customize your document’s look and feel to get make just the right impression for your audience. You can embed video in your document if you need to. Don’t worry that these features will be to complicated for you to figure out. YUMPU has unmatched support and will help you through the process if you need it to get you exactly what you need.

This software will put your publication into the hands of millions of readers. You need to give it a try!



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