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Flip PDF – Create one in 3 Easy Steps without any cost!

Flip PDF – Create one in 3 Easy Steps without any cost!

Thanks to the exploding development of social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, people are beginning to incorporate digital media into almost every aspect of their daily life. For the novice self-publisher, the opportunity to expose your project, magazine, flyer, and brochure has never been greater and with YUMPU Publishing, it’s never been easier! If you’re a beginner, you might not be familiar with the terminology “flip PDF”, but if you have any experience with self-publishing, you will be familiar with that term and the stress that has traditionally been associated with incorporating these files into online publications. Originally, the only options that were available to incorporate PDF files into digital publications, was to spend hours learning or hire an extremely technical computer software expert.

3 Easy Steps to create a Flip PDF:

  1. Go and sign up at YUMPU Publishing

  2. Upload your PDF File

  3. Be happy that it didn’t cost you a cent!

YUMPU Publishing is one of the most simplified and straightforward PDF to flipping book sites I have encountered. Easy to use and very inexpensive, this software allows you to flip PDF files seamlessly into a brochure, flyer, even magazine. The software is for the novice publisher or the extremely experienced. Previously, I have struggled with publishing or completing a flip PDF, embedding photos, and various other file formats.

It generally takes a lot of work and effort to bring together different file formats in order to publish a magazine, a catalog, a brochure, or a flyer – not with this software! I have tried several other services such as Issuu, Blurb, Scribd, and Magcloud. It was very difficult to incorporate the document as a flip PDF, into my online website and Facebook page, and then I found YUMPU Publishing.

In addition to the ease of use, this software offers exposure to millions of readers and digital magazines. This is a great opportunity, to not only receive tremendous exposure – you can do so while creating elegant, professional, and well-presented digital documents.

If you’re like me, you’re now ready to ask the question: How can I learn to use this software? There are some great YouTube videos available, but the one I found most helpful was only a two-minute video on Youtube here. This video will explain in very simple and easy-to-understand terms how to use this software, the basics of flip pdf software, and then you’re ready to go! Simply sign up (it’s free), set up your account, and then set up shop.

Flip PDF is responsive, it’s easy, it’s in the cloud!

This software works with all devices across all platforms – from mobile to desktop devices, to integration with all the major social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Storage is not an issue since all of your material is uploaded and stored in the cloud, nor is accessing publications from various devices. Once you’ve uploaded your document, it will be available to you no matter how you need to access it: iPhone, your iPad, or your desktop computer. The more important thing to note here is that it is not only available to you across multiple devices and multiple platforms, it’s also available to millions of active readers.

If you have an interest in digital publishing because you have a great magazine, brochure, or you are attempting to simply share great ideas and great opportunities, YUMPU Publishing is the place to be! Flip pdf software is already used by many online publications and it is so easy. This software actually simulates the experience of reading a real publication – you can view the magazine from front to back, single page or double-page view, zoom in, zoom out, even skip sections and pages – what a great experience!

Now, I would like to take a moment to talk about YUMPU Publishings’ customer service. Have you ever called to speak with a technical service person, or made a follow-up sales call because you have an issue with the initial download? If so, you are familiar with customer service responses, ranging from “leave a voicemail” to simply never speaking with anything but a computer. Not with YUMPU, someone will actually be available via the telephone that understands “flip PDF”, and although you might have to leave a voicemail a real person will call you back, generally within 24 hours. I don’t know about you, but the customer service with this software really sold me on their product. I’m not an expert digital publisher, for the most part, I create PDF files and YouTube videos for insertion on my Facebook and LinkedIn webpages – but YUMPU Publishing is impressive!



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