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PDF Flipbook Solution Discovered – and it’s free too!

PDF Flipbook Solution Discovered – and it’s free too!

After years and years of using Microsoft to do all of my presentations, it came as such a relief when I found YUMPU Publishing (a.k.a. pdf flipbook). My only complaint is that I didn’t find out about this awesome (and completely FREE!) program sooner. I am currently a nursing student working towards my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I was sitting down one night to begin work on a major presentation that’s due date was quickly approaching when a message popped up from that dastardly little Microsoft paperclip – my year-long membership had expired. Of course, this sent me into an instant panic. To renew my Microsoft membership would cost money that I did NOT have. I needed an inexpensive solution and I needed it fast. Well, you don’t get more inexpensive than free.

PDF in – Flipbook out!

I was elated when I found pdf flipbook but the thought did occur to me that usually you “pay for what you get” so there could be a chance that YUMPU Publishing was a waste of time. After watching a video I absolutely thought it’s worth a try. As more time passed, I began to get more apprehensive and decided to just take the plunge and try this software out. I’m so glad that I did. Not only was I able to fully complete my presentation on YUMPU Publishing, but I also saw that pdf flipbook had a ton of other options that were available that I didn’t even get a chance to use.

I am truly astonished by all that’s available through YUMPU Publishing and can’t wait to try out some of those other features in the future. I signed up for YUMPU Publishing with the intention of just using it to finish this one project for this nutrition class I’m taking for nursing school but quickly realized that I can utilize this software for much more. Not only can I use it for all of the classes I’m currently taking, but I can also use this software for work and can even think of a few applications for around my house (chore charts for the kids and husband, budgeting, etc.).

Video of YUMPU Publishing's services

What do you want to create today? A magazine, a catalog or a brochure?

With yumpu you can make a magazine, catalog, brochure, flyer, resume, pdf flipbook and more. Although it’s a super useful site for me as a mother and student, I can also see how it would be useful for professionals. Pdf flipbook would be perfect for designers, Photoshop users, magazine publishers, catalog publishers, and anyone who owns an online shop.

My project for my nutrition class was pretty clear-cut and simple—I didn’t get to use YUMPU Publishing to its full potential but am excited to try it out more in the future. For my assignment, I needed to create a flyer that illustrated the basic food groups. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, a lot of design went into that one little flyer and I was so happy to have YUMPU Publishing available to make the process so much easier for me. The best part of all was that I ended up with a flyer that looked as if it had been created by a professional, not just some nursing student! When I finished up my flyer, I was so proud of it that I decided to post it to my Facebook page.

From PDF to Flipbook in under 2 Minutes!

Uploading was a snap (I guess they store your saved work in a cloud so you can always come back to it so long as you have access to the internet). Within 30 minutes of uploading the food pyramid flyer I had created, I had so many likes and friends commenting on it, asking how I had done all of that on Microsoft. “I didn’t!”, I told them proudly, “I used YUMPU Publishing (pdf flip book); which was fast, easy, and free!”. Of course, this intrigued them and they wanted to know more! I know them what I knew about pdf flip book so far. I knew that it was a free digital publishing site that simulates the experience of holding something as you read it (a book or magazine) but is all online.

I knew it’d be perfect for my friend John who writes professionally and couldn’t wait to tell him why. I shared with John some of pdf flipbooks’ awesome features such as how it’s supported by all devices, optimized for Google and other search engines, offers unmatched support, and much more. I knew John would appreciate that YUMPU Publishing (pdf flipbook) is fully integrated with all social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter because social networking truly is the best way to spread the word. By uploading a project to YUMPU Publishing, you will instantly have thousands of viewers!

So what! This thing rocks!

With over a million active readers, I feel very confident suggesting YUMPU Publishing to anyone. After all, yumpu is tailored to enhance the timeless elegance of a quality publication!



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