How To Create A PDF Flip Book? – The best solution ever

How To Create A PDF Flip Book? – The best solution ever

I’ve always loved old horror story magazines, and when I realized there was nothing stopping me from producing my own I decided to give it a shot. To save time and effort I decided to do it digitally at first, figuring that would make it easier on me. It wasn’t writing the content, or even finding good art for it, but trying to actually make a page-turning PDF Flip Book. I tried issuu, Scribd, and others, but it was the Free web service YUMPU Publishing that finally saved the day, as well as my pet project.

Is YUMPU a great way to create a PDF Flip Book?

When I did my search for websites and programs that would allow me to make a PDF Flip Book style magazine since that’s really what a digital magazine is when you get right down to it, I was nearly tearing my hair out with frustration. All I wanted was a program that would take the very attractive pdf I’d created, and turn it into a “click here to turn the page” PDF Flip Book. I didn’t think it would be a huge challenge, but there was very little help available until I found YUMPU.

What YUMPU Publishing does is, essentially, take your pdf and shuffle it into the format you want. The service is fast, easy, it took me less time than I get for a lunch break at work, and to top it all off it didn’t cost me a dime. All I had to do was create an account with an appropriate user name, then go to my account page and upload the pdf I’d already created. Once I’d uploaded it all I had to do was wait a couple of minutes, and the site did all of the heavy liftings for me. Aside from a few typos, I’d missed the first time through, the end result was exactly what I was looking for.

A PDF flip book User For Life

I was so pleased with the results I’d gotten with YUMPU for my PDF Flip Book that I started wondering what else I could use it for. I showed the finished magazine to some friends, my parents, and to some co-workers who were having problems with presentations. Within a week they were all calling and sending texts asking for the name of the site I’d gone to where I put my magazine together in a few minutes with almost no effort. So I told them, just go to YUMPU and upload their pdf file. Hit the key and wait for a few minutes, and you’ll have a PDF Flip Book just like the one I made.

YUMPU offers a really simple idea, but like most really simple ideas it’s applicable across an entire field. I have a friend who’s a grad student who was looking for a simple, straightforward way to get his point across for a research proposal, and the PDF Flip Book turned out to be a major hand-up. My cousin used it as a way, to sum up, a report to her superiors on earnings quickly and easily, without the hassle of a PowerPoint presentation. It was simple, easy, and I have yet to find any other service that can give me such a basic service so quickly, and which doesn’t try to charge me for it.

My Summary

I would, and have, recommended YUMPU Publishing to anyone who wants to take a regular old pdf file and turn it into an engaging PDF Flip Book. They’re more fun to read, they break up the endless monotony of scrolling down a page, and they can keep your reader engaged in ways that a standard pdf document simply can’t. Optimized for search engines like Google, free to use, with great customer service, and available for mobile as well as non-mobile products, there’s no reason for anyone not to use this website to spice up their pdf files.



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