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Shrink PDF – How to filesize with this free online tool instantly!

Shrink PDF – How to filesize with this free online tool instantly!

It’s well known that one of the most effective ways to promote a business is through social networking. That’s why I actively try new approaches when it comes to building your fan base on Facebook. I have been utilizing Facebook to successfully sell Teespring teeshirts under the category of anti-gun law slogans. It has since then proved to be a fairly easy and effective form of marketing. When it comes to sharing a digital magazine of all the designs we have in stock, that on the other hand proved rather difficult. While there are an abundant amount of digital publishers that specialize in hosting shrink pdf available, not many offered the option of sharing shrink pdf among a variety of social networks and whenever they did offer that option there was usually a catch and a high price tag associated with hosting your publication. Then in terms of gaining visibility of your product most if not all publishers either charged an outrageous fee or simply did not offer that option.

Upon further research, I came across the free PDF booklet creator by the name of YUMPU Publishing (it’s a Free web-service) that offered exactly the level of service I needed for my business’s magazine campaign. One of the many problems I’ve had with other publishers in the past was that they offered too little for too much, so naturally, I was pleased to know that rather than having to spend money on multiple sites for hosting the product, promoting the product and receiving an embeddable shrink pdf link I could receive that from YUMPU Publishing alone.

One of the nicest features about YUMPU Publishing that made it stand out more in my mind in comparison to similar companies like slide share is the fact that it offered the option of having your content search engine optimized and or shared on a wide variety of social networking sites such as Pinterest, Google Plus and Facebook. Unlike traditional publishers, I realized that not only could I personally share the publication effortlessly via social share, other readers that frequently visited the website could also share the shrink pdf amongst their friends/fans which meant increased exposure with an opportunity to go viral.

I also enjoyed the fact that I could also receive free promotion by having my magazine search engine optimized which meant that by typing the chosen specific words one could possible see my magazine and ultimately visit my online store or Facebook page to analyze the large variety of anti-gun control law related tee-shirts that my company has to offer.

Another problem I came across when using other publishers is the fact that in a large number of cases the shrink pdf was not properly formatted by its system to be viewable on different devices. YUMPU Publishing automatically formatted the documents to be viewable on the PC and mobile handsets such as Android-based tablets/smartphones and Ipads/Iphones. Rather than offer a link that specifically contained the mobile version of the PDF and a separate link that is viewable by PC owners only, I was now able to offer one link that would automatically detect and adjust the format of the document in real-time.

With all the features listed on its website, I thought my excitement might turn to disappointment because usually when companies like these offer such a high level of service, they, in turn, require a large amount of money. To my surprise, they were able to offer a stellar shrink pdf publication tool and free promotion via search engines and social networks for free.

Having had an extensive history working with digital publishers for several years, I highly recommend this software for any serious individual that wishes to get maximum return on investments when it comes to utilizing a digital publisher. As opposed to other companies that charge you hidden fees such as the infamously/outrageous fee of 49.99 that Slideshare charges for including an opt-in form on the page you shrink pdf is on, YUMPU allows you to capture as many leads as you desire because whenever you upload a document you have the option of linking it back to your website and or fan page. Simply said YUMPU is the only publisher that I have come across that will put your documents directly within the hands of millions of avid readers, at an affordable.



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