PDF booklet creator – Top notch without any costs!

PDF booklet creator – Top notch without any costs!

As a small business owner, I’ve spent most of my adult life working and planning the many different ways that I could make my business stand out from the others. As a small service provider, the product that I sell is me! One of the things that I worked hard to create is an easy-to-use booklet that not only describes my services but also gives my reader helpful hints to use at home. The booklet is beautiful, and I was really excited about using it as a marketing tool but printing and producing it for distribution really created a stumbling block. The cost was much higher than I expected and physically putting it into my customers’ hands was also going to be a challenge. I spent endless hours searching for an online venue to publish my booklet as a page turnable booklet but each one was either too technical or charged exorbitant fees. Then, I stumbled onto the perfect PDF booklet creator, YUMPU Publishing, and everything changed.

How this PDF booklet creator Changed the Way that I Do Business

Within a few minutes and a few clicks of the mouse on my computer, I was able to easily upload my booklet onto the Yumpu.com website using the free PDF booklet creator software. Over 20 million publications are available on the PDF booklet creator free site, securely stored in the cloud. Now, I can link my booklet to my website for easy viewing or I can even embed the PDF booklet on my website. Example:

The YUMPU platform is fully integrated with all of the major social networks as well so anyone linked to my Facebook page or Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, can easily access and view my booklet in an easy-to-use page-turning PDF platform. I was easily and successfully able to publish and share my booklet in a visually stunning PDF page-turning format. And here’s the best – it is free! That’s right! It’s at no cost. There are different plans available with extended features, but the ability to upload and publish your manuscript with this PDF booklet creator free is the perfect place to start.

What Exactly is this service?

Yumpu.com is an online digital publishing website that allows the reader to simulate actually turning the pages of a hard copy book in a virtual environment. Any booklet can be recreated in this virtual environment making it widely available with the click of a button. The service allows the creation of a timeless version of any book for continued quality reading indefinitely. The platform supports all types of devices including smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. Once your book is published, you can easily embed it into your social networking sites as well as your own website or online store.

Advantages of this PDF booklet creator

  • Free

  • Supports all known devices

  • SEO optimized

  • You can use your own branding

  • Embed it on all your platforms

  • Share on all major social networks

  • Insert video and audio files in your PDF booklet

  • Insert links in your PDF booklet

  • Top support

How to Get Started with Your PDF Booklet Creator

If you have a document, magazine, booklet, manuscript, or any piece of text that you want to share in an affordable, professional online venue, YUMPU Publishing is the answer to your problems. Consider the endless possibilities when you publish online. Your potential customer base just grew exponentially with the click of a button. With a free PDF booklet creator that is described in detail, you can be online and published in no time.

Once you’re online, link your informational booklet to any online outlet that you can – your own online site, website and all of your social media connections. The customer service department exceeds expectations and makes it possible to create beautifully published page turnable manuscripts and documents online with no hassles. Are you ready to get started? Click here and in a few minutes, you’ll be viewing your work online. The simple step-by-step directions will guide you through the process with no difficulty. What are you waiting for?



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