The Newton Application Architecture

NewtonScript is an object-oriented programming language developed by Walter Smith for Apple for the Newton OS running on their MessagePad & eMate hardware. It borrows concepts from the Smalltalk, LISP, and Self programming languages with special consideration for a low memory footprint (esp. differential inheritance). In 2003 a NewtonScript interpreter, NEWT/0 was developed by Makoto Nukui allowing for its use on other platforms.

Here you’ll find information about the language, available development tools for various platforms, libraries with NewtonScript interfaces, and programming reference materials.

Here are some articles and papers about Newton OS written by various members of the Newton team:

  • An introduction PDF for a reprint of Ungar and Smith’s paper Self: the power of simplicity in PIE Developers magazine website.
  • Class-based NewtonScript Programming PDF, an article for PIE Developers magazine describing a technique for structuring a NewtonScript program using class-like objects.
  • A Model for Address-Based Software and Hardware PDF, a paper presented at the 1992 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Gives the underlying principles of Newton OS kernel memory interfaces, and the rationale for the ARM processor’s unusual MMU design.
  • The Newton Application Architecture PDF, a paper presented at the 1994 IEEE Computer Conference.
  • The Newton Operating System PDF, a paper presented at the 1994 IEEE Computer Conference.
  • Low Power Hardware for a High-Performance PDA PDF, a paper presented at the 1994 IEEE Computer Conference.
  • Using a prototype-based language for user interface programming: the Newton project’s experience PDF, a paper presented at OOPSLA ’95.


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